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The School of Bioethics of the Ukrainian Catholic University started its activity with the Certificate Program in Bioethics «On Life Safety» in 2009.

The initiators of the program were Father Igor Boyko, a doctor of moral theology, at that time, the dean of the philosophical and theological faculty of UCU, Fr. Andriy Login, Doctor of Moral Theology, and Stepan Dmitrishin.

The objective of this program – to humanize medicine based on Christian values and models of personalistic bioethics and respect the value and dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

The creators of the program set a goal – to prepare competent professionals to work in bioethics Bioethical Committee of Ukraine, provide specialized education for pastoral work in hospitals, to deepen knowledge of Christian morality, bioethics, psychology and health law.

The School of Bioethics of the Ukrainian Catholic University offers a European standard of education and profound knowledge of bioethics. As part of the training, students have the opportunity to get acquainted with such issues and concepts as basic bioethics models, ethical evaluation of reproductive technologies, organ transplantation, medical law, euthanasia and others.



The first academic year began on the bioethics certificate program, which participants were doctors, lawyers, biologists, future pastors. In the curriculum of the program in the evening, the following courses were taught: the basis of Christian faith and morals, Christian (philosophical) anthropology, the basis of bioethics, spiritual and biblical dimension of health, bioethics and cloning, the basis of pastoral care, ethics of religions, leading ethical values in the practice of European bioethics committees, psychology of health and illness, AIDS and bioethical issues, rights and duties of the doctor and the patient, analysis of the basic bioethical documents of the Church, ethical code of the doctor, palliative and hospice care, bioethics and the end of human life etc.

The best specialists in the field of bioethics from Italy and Canada, Austria and Germany, Belgium and Ukraine became the lecturers of the School of Bioethics at UCU. Among them: Yuri Monchak, professor at McGill and Montreal Universities (Canada); Father Arnaldo Pangrazzi, Professor of the International Theological Institute Camillianum (Rome, Italy); Alois Buch, professor of moral theology of the Inter-diocesan Higher Seminary and the training center in Lanternshof (Germany); Radmila Grevtsova, Attorney, Director of the Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics, and others.



As part of the curriculum of the School of Bioethics held a large number of public lectures and seminars on topical bioethical issues with leading experts in bioethics, to which were individuals with different interests (doctors and pharmacists, psychologists and teachers, lawyers and chaplains, seminarians and priests) . School of Bioethics also organized two international conferences: “Gender Theory” (held in November 2012) with the participation of leading experts from Italy, Maria Luisa Di Pietro.



“Medical and bioethical issues prokreatsiyi man” with obstetricians and gynecologists from Poland (held in October 2013).


A modular program on bioethics “Ethical Values in Pharmaceutical Activity” was created, which involved 41 pharmacists.


Graduates of the Certificate Program in Bioethics “The security service of life” for the six years of study was 136 people, most of whom were doctors and pharmacists.