September to May


The Bioethics Program in Kyiv

5 000 грн.

The Bioethics Program “On Life Safety” is:

  • Your personal and professional growth;
  • Training courses with the best Ukrainian and international experts;
  • Review the concepts of health and disease in the biblical perspective; analysis of current ethical issues in the field of molecular biology, genetics and medicine; moral evaluation of reproductive technologies, abortion, euthanasia; representation of the social doctrine of the Church.


September 29 – “Ethical Code of the Doctor”;

December 15 – “Basics of Bioethics”;

February 5 – “Accompanying the dying person”;

April 15 – “Molecular Biology and Bioethics”;

May 4 – “Ethics of Public Health”.


Target audience:

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, lawyers.

Детальна інформація

(Ua) вересень-травень 2017-2018
(Ua) (032) 240 99 45 (# 36 18), моб. тел. (067) 930 1114
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